Weird Dream

So last night, I fell asleep listening to a documentary and had a really strange dream. I was transported back in time and was staying with a wealthy family. I mistakenly thought it was like the 1700’s or something but it was closer to the 1450’s. The people I was living with pretty much thought I was insane, but treated me like a funny curiosity. I was backwards, and really unable to relate to my surroundings.

Oddly, I thought that I should be ruler of everything since my “future knowledge” made me smarter than everyone else but knowing something can exist, and knowing how to make it exist are two very different things.

It was a wild dream, enjoyable, strange, and oddly memorable. Anyone who knows me can attest to my bad memory, and it’s even worse normally with dreams as they seem to fade only moments after waking up.

I love strange and interesting dreams that somewhat make sense.

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