My First Week at rocketgenius

So, I’ve completed my first week at rocketgenius, and I have to say, I’m super happy. I’m not quite sure how my skills and expertise fit into the companies needs just yet, but I’m enjoying helping people through the support forums, reading through documentation, going through old support questions and trying to detect patterns, and start to create scripts and documents relating to recording some tutorial videos.

My boss(es) haven’t been very hands on yet about what they need me to do, but on the flip side, they’ve made themselves super available for any questions I have.

It seems to be a bit strange for them that I’m out of the office, but I’m doing my best to be super productive, useful and hopefully prove the value of having me on their team.

My sanity is helped by the fact that I’m working with such an amazing product. I don’t think most people understand how helpful it is to be a fan of what you are working on and I really do love Gravity Forms.

This week, I’m going to start working on some simple, five minute tutorial videos relating to the most common questions and situations that Gravity Forms is used it. I haven’t done much video work previously, but I’m looking forward to it. I am also looking at trying to re-write some of our documentation into a simple guide for new users.

I have to admit, working with rocketgenius has definitely been the first big spark I’ve felt in a job that makes me feel like I did when I first started working for Jacob Gower back in the Bloggy Network days.

One response to “My First Week at rocketgenius”

  1. Nice to hear you seem to be settling in nicely. Sounds like when I started at Shopify… the whole “oh, so a job doesn’t HAVE to suck? It can actually be interesting and worthwhile instead of soul-crushingly intolerable? Awesome!” thing is something I’m still sorta getting used to after 3 months.

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