Moving Around

Since graduating college in 2003, I have moved more than a few times.

First, upon graduating, I moved from Kingston to London, Ontario where I worked in a call centre. This was, by far, the worst job I ever had.

Next, I moved to Ottawa and stayed with my mom while I started working for MD Management as a Computer Operator. After a little while, I moved out of my mom’s place, and up the road to another apartment in Ottawa that was still on Riverside Drive.

Then, due to the cost of the apartment and not working as a Computer Operator anymore, I moved to another area of Ottawa near Mooney’s Bay Park.

Soon after, I was working from home, and could live anywhere, and ended up moving back to London, Ontario. Next, I built a house in St. Thomas, about half an hour drive outside of London.

My career changed when the economy changed, and I ended up getting a job with the government as a Web Specialist up in Walkerton where I stayed for more than a year before moving to where I am now in Brockville.

This means that in less than ten years I’ve moved around eight times, going on nine. Add in the other times I’ve moved in my life and that number almost doubles to seventeen times and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few moves.

I can’t even begin to explain how ready I am to settle down in one spot.

One response to “Moving Around”

  1. That is a lot of moving – I don’t think I really realized how many times you’ve moved. The funny part is – you may find that when you do settle down in one place, after a few years you get “itchy feet” – hopefully that won’t happen but it has happened to me – I get this restlessness and feel like I need to move on.

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