Moving to Ottawa

So, thanks to Barry being able to help me out, I’ll be moving to Ottawa on the 28th of April. I can’t believe my journey in Brockville is coming to an end. It is in some ways, bittersweet. While I didn’t really enjoy the city, I did enjoy my job here, and the people I met.

My co-workers really made living here bearable and I appreciate everything they did to help me out.

While living in Ottawa will be more expensive, and I’ll be making less money, the overall effect on my happiness will most likely be a positive one. The advantage of being around long time friends, in a city that has almost weekly events that I can participate in is exciting.

I can’t wait to start my life in Ottawa, and one of the best things about moving is the opportunity to take a good look at my life, make changes, and really start fresh.

I am hoping to start to cook again, eat healthier, be outside more and dive further into my passion for photography.

Of course, first I need to get over the anxiety of moving, the cost of getting set-up, and the frustration of needing to buy furniture, but with my great new job, the support of friends, and events to distract me from the negative stuff, I should make it through mostly unscathed.

3 responses to “Moving to Ottawa”

  1. Looking forward to getting to know what kind of neighbour you are. Are you a night person like wtl? Hopefully my sewing machine running at 9 a.m. won’t be an issue 🙂

    • I am a night person, but my job doesn’t really let me be that way, so I’ll primarily be a 9am – 6pm type when it comes to work. There will be some flexibility, but I’m sure your sewing won’t be an issue.

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