One Job Ends, Another Begins

So, I recently got a letter from Danielle, my manager, letting me know that the company has to downsize, and that I was being laid off. My last day is the middle of April, and while they’ve long promised me contract work after that point, no one ever said if it would be full time, part time, or just on an as needed basis and while I’m flexible, I really dislike uncertainty.

On the day I received the letter, despite knowing for a month that it was most likely coming, I felt a surge of panic. I ended up applying to over twenty-five different positions and contacting four of the people that I knew were well connected or ran businesses. My hope of course was to secure employment before the middle of April and do so in a way that I could still move to Ottawa, a more technology minded city than Brockville, and a place where I would have some friends and potential social life.

Thankfully, that same evening I received a response from Carl, a long time friend and co-founder of rocketgenius, the company that developed Gravity Forms. He let me know that they were in the process of expanding a bit and that they might have a part-time position for me.

In fact, I received three part-time job offers that evening. All at a much lower wage than I make today, but each of them with some interesting job responsibilities that both excited me and reminded me of how I got started in my career: working online.

Carl (I feel like I should call him Mr. Hancock now.) contacted me the next day, and let me know that they were interested in hiring me on full-time. I can’t explain my elation over his messages. I was bouncing around like I had won the lottery but couldn’t tell anyone. I had only wanted to work for rocketgenius for more than three years.

So as my current job winds down, I will be learning the ins and outs of my new position. I can’t wait. It is just the kind of thing I enjoy doing. I will be able to do a variety of tasks, help the organization in utilizing the talents I’ve built up over the last decade, and promote a product that I’m in love with (is that weird?).

I will still be moving to Ottawa in the next month or so, but the date hasn’t been locked down yet. I plan to live downtown in the market, and attend industry events, as well as a variety of meetups. I am hoping that this job will really last so I can finally settle down.

I am so fortunate that my skills are useful, and that people want to work with me. I really appreciate all the support and encouragement that I get. Leaving Charity Marketing Group will be hard despite the fact that it isn’t my choice. Dan was the best boss that I have ever worked for, but moving on to work for my dream company is a pretty amazing way to go.

If you would like to know more about what I think of Gravity Forms, check out the following post:

Gravity Forms: WordPress Plugin Worth Buying

Note: This was written before I was hired by rocketgenius

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