Job Titles

So, I know job titles don’t really matter in some respects, but in the more traditional job market, it can have a huge effect on your potential career progression. Recently, I had a little back and forth about the difference between a Web Programmer and an Application Developer and how it relates to one of our employees. I felt that the developer we hired should be treated as such, since he doesn’t make some html websites, he’s programming entire applications to manage our business needs.

So when we recently decided to get some new business cards printed up at work, I had hoped to finally get my own title changed from Online Marketing Manager to something that actually fit my role a bit better, but unfortunately, title changes require more oversight from senior management than I had hoped, despite not having any real effect on my job responsibilities or pay. I was hoping to at least drop the “online” from my title, as I work on much more than just online marketing.

I know it isn’t all that important, but at the end of the day, it ends up being a self-respect thing, and I feel like having a limiting word on there, when I do so much more than even just marketing is a bit of a bummer.

Why can’t my title just be Head of All Things Geek? I would be okay with that.

I know we are trying to transition into a larger firm, rather than a start-up/small business, and as such, we want to put professionalism at the front of our efforts, but I think a title such as the Marketing and Technology Manager would be fine, and encompasses all of my current job responsibilities. Then, when I go into meetings with clients, there wouldn’t be any reason any more to explain why the Online Marketing Manager is talking about web services infrastructure, server hardware, operating systems, SOAP API’s and more…

Just a little pet peeve.

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