As the winter settles in, distances when walking just seem to stretch out into the infinite and I feel like it takes forever to get anywhere. Add to that the feeling that I’ve “seen everything” in Brockville, I’m getting a little stir crazy. Sometimes I actually miss having a car.

I have a feeling that once the snow melts, this feeling will go away, and since I don’t own a car, it is an easy thought to throw away, but I never thought I would really be interested in being a car owner again.

I think my less rational mind has forgotten about the costs…

Let’s just hope this is a mild winter.

3 responses to “Driving?”

    • It can definitely limit the whim of going somewhere or the freedom to take a trip on your own terms, but at the end of the day, I hated the act of driving, and the cost almost as much. Maybe someday, it’ll change for me, and I’ll miss it more than I hate it, and I’ll be back with the rest of society on the four hundred series highways.

  1. Did you think to keep your driver’s licence paid up? If you ever want to drive a car again it would be very expensive Insurance wise if you have a break in owning a licence. Do think about it. Hugs G. S.

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