Photography Gear Obsession

It is hard as a more technically savvy, and less artistic hobbyist photographer to deal with feeling like I have the “wrong gear” for a situation. Next week, Mark and I are going to Toronto to flex our photography muscles, and in the skyscraper world that is Toronto, I wish I had the ultimate wide angle lens for my crop sensor T2i, the 10-22mm Canon lens. Instead, I will be bringing my 24-105mm and my 50mm lens. These will give me great shots of things going on at street level, and some flexibility to get things that are a little more distant, but I know that I’ll miss opportunities to get the full effect of the tall buildings stretching up into the sky due to the close quarters of the narrow streets and the stacks of skyscrapers littering the skyline.

Both my cousin and one of my best friends, Tom, suggested stitching images together, but like a child, I stomp my feet saying “it is just not the same!”

Still, despite the gear obsession, I am looking forward to capturing a few images, and took time today to walk down to the Brockville waterfront to see if I could easily, and quickly take some images which once my camera gets back to room temperature, I’ll stitch together to see the result.

Stitching is easier, focusing on the right photography for the lenses you have is even easier, but I can’t help but want what I don’t have, especially when it could fulfil a need in my pursuit of photography, one of the only hobbies I currently have that brings me lasting joy.

Oh, and it looks like the next 24-70mm lens will not have image stabilization (source), so I’m glad I went with the L-lens that I chose… the 24-105mm f4 L.

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