Free Idea: Public Photo Portfolio Builder

Here’s an idea I had. Feel free to build it or whatever. While I had the idea, I don’t have the funds required to make this a reality or a success, so if you can, feel free to have at it.

The user comes to the site and creates an account. They then allow the site to pull details from the Flickr API. It pulls in all their photos details and saves them to the database. The information stored would be things like Flickr name, Flickr URL, date uploaded.

The photographer sends the link out to family, friends, and whatnot. There could also be a directory on the site of different portfolios under review.

Users come to the site and are randomly shown images. They vote up or down the images saying that they “like” or “dislike” it. The photographer then can see his/her photos sink or swim as they are ranked through the voting process.

The photographer can then go to his/her account and request a zip of the top photos. He/She then can publish them on their blog, or remove low ranked images from Flickr (if he/she uses that as a portfolio). The goal is to allow photographers a simple way to organize their photos, while creating a simple mechanism for feedback, since most people are too lazy to critique photos, or comment on them.

The business objective of the owner would be to then rank the most popular photographers, and ads on the site would be for online photography businesses (affiliate/banner advertising) as well as potentially giving photographers the paid option of having more detailed information. Detailed stats could include information about the voters on their images, or allow them to sort data by time. They could see information like how popular their images are based on how old they are to see if their newer images get higher ratings than their older images.

2 responses to “Free Idea: Public Photo Portfolio Builder”

  1. Sounds like a really interesting idea. Why don’t you set it up, or do you have way too many other projects going on?

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