Beyond My Expertise

I take a great deal of pride in the knowledge I’ve acquired over the last ten years of being in the workforce, and nothing frustrates me more than asked constantly to do things beyond my expertise and not given enough time to research it and enact things properly.

I’ve always hated when people say they are “putting out fires”. It is one of those phrases that gets under my skin because I live under the motto of “your poor planning is not my emergency”. Most emergencies in I.T. are created because someone didn’t plan properly.

While I don’t mind going above and beyond spending an evening or two researching things, I am up to the point where I’m researching things constantly for my current job.

I love learning new things. I hate doing the same things over and over, but the constant stress of things being beyond my expertise is getting tiring.

I remember when I first got the job, everyone said that it would get easier, but it never has.

3 responses to “Beyond My Expertise”

  1. Sometimes (like in my case), people know you for your ability to put fires out, which then leads to other, non-on-fire work. 😉

    • My situation is really more about corporate life. When I was working “freelance”, I didn’t mind it so much, but as a company job, every day, knowing that you won’t know how to do 80% of the stuff… it is just stressful.

      • Well, eventually, you’ll figure out the remaining 80% and then you’ll be bored again, doing the same things over and over. 😉

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