Game of Thrones

So, I’ve finished watching the first season, a ten episode season of Game of Thrones, and what started out as a fantasy show with some nudity and an impressive set and costume budget quickly turned into one of the best epics on television that I’ve ever witnessed.

Game of Thrones is an American medieval fantasy television series created for HBO

I am absolutely blown away at the lengths the show goes to tell a great story, and the emotions that it stirs in me are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

It is as though the writers, producers, and actors have found a way to draw me in so deeply into the mythology that I curse each time an episode ends.

Every plot started has a resolution, no question is left unanswered. This isn’t like Lost or its copy cat counterparts. The scale of the drama is equivalent to watching an hour long movie each week.

If you love drama, romance, mystery, and fantasy, then Game of Thrones should be on your must watch list. Personally, I can’t wait until the next season of Game of Thrones and wish that shows constantly ran so that I wouldn’t have to wait half a year to see what happens next.

If you’ve been watching it, without writing any spoilers, what do you think of it?

I was initially going to do a review, and point out various plot details, but if I redacted it so that I didn’t spoil it for others, the post would have looked rather ridiculous with sentences like, “can you believe that she did that! I was gasping as she did that thing at that place and then everyone was watching!”

TL;DR – If you haven’t been watching the ten episode first season of the show. Find a way to watch it!

4 responses to “Game of Thrones”

  1. Best series I’ve ever watched…I heard someone sum it up as “Lord of the Rings + The Sopranos = Game of Thrones”

  2. I thought you might like this series David. My daughter (who is 18, it is for a more mature audience for sure) and I are LOVING it!!! I read the books and it seems to me the dialogue in the movie very closely follows which is maybe why it explains everything so well. I think they are doing a really good job with the complicated story lines. For my taste, HBO sure seems to be pushing the envelope as far as violence and nudity on television but it fits this series and the characters and makes it all the more realistic.

  3. Further thought…I’m amazed at the calibre of acting in this series. Most of them I’ve never heard of or seen before. but they all fit their roles…great casting!!

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