Weight Loss This Weekend

I have to admit, this weekend wasn’t so great for my weight loss goals. While I did do a ton of walking (probably close to seven hours in three days now), I didn’t eat as health consciously as I know that I need to. I did, immediately upon coming home, juice myself some fruits, and eat a small variety of vegetables. I’m definitely trying to get back towards being focused.

The hardest part is that when I’m hungry, it is easy to make bad food choices, so I’m going to have to be more proactive about eating before I’m hungry so I eat the right things, rather than waiting until I’m hungry and having a burger and onion rings.

Seeing my cousin this weekend, who has dropped over one hundred pounds in the last year, definitely reminds me of how far of a journey I have, and why I’m trying to do better. The amount of energy he now has, and his ability to fit into clothes that better reflect the style and image he wants to portray are additional parts of why I so badly want to see the numbers on my scale drop.

I’m still confident that by Friday, I can reach my goal of dropping yet another pound. I would really like to be back in the 280’s by the first week of August and the 270’s in early October.

2 responses to “Weight Loss This Weekend”

  1. Hi,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed your time with Mark. I’m a little confused about the “juicing” part of your plan. Wouldn’t you feel more full (and able to resist temptations) if you ate the whole fruit? What do you do with the fibre that’s left after juicing?
    Love you!

    • Juicing is about replacing pop and pasteurized from concentrate, sugar added fruit juice, and getting vitamins. Vitamin deficiencies are one of the many triggers for cravings. Sometimes I put a spoonful or two back into the drink. Also, it takes a lot of fruit and veggies to get a cup of drinkable juice. Juicing allows me extract a fair bit of nutrients without spending a ton of time eating them.

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