Midnight Idea for the Future

With Facebook growing by leaps and bounds, my biggest complaint or issue with Facebook is that it doesn’t really have an easy way for like-minded people to find each other and share ideas, stories and advice. A simple tweak in the way Facebook works could make it infinitely more useful to me and potentially many others. If for every interest that I added to my profile either created a forum if one didn’t exist, or automatically make me a member of the forum if it already did exist, I could then click on the interests I’ve added, and be part of a forum of people with the same interests.

For example, say you add photography to your interests, you could then click on that, and be brought to a forum filled with other people that are interested in photography, and create discussions and interact with them without having to search through all the millions of Facebook groups, clubs, and fan pages about photography. Sure, you could have people that have smaller, more fine grained interests, like Canon T2i or something like Star Trek Ships. But it doesn’t take an active organizer for the forum to exist. Management could be done by a committee of its users. Anyways, I don’t know how much this makes sense. This is what happens to my brain when it is close to midnight…

Update – Something like a mix between Reddit and Facebook seems ideal to me…

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