Dragon Boat Race in Brockville

So today, I wanted to go see the Dragon Boat races that were going on in Brockville, but I couldn’t find out online where they were being held. I knew it was along the St. Lawrence, and that it was at one of the parks along King Street. So I went out, and started walking. After about an hour of walking North East, I still couldn’t find the boats, or any sign that it was going to start soon. I figured that the races would be a local tourist event, and there would be signs up pointing the way, but I couldn’t find any.

Sitting down, exhausted and sweating, I had pretty much given up on seeing the races. I had taken some nice photos, but I was still a little disappointed. Changing my lens to the longest distance one I had, I started taking pictures of the U.S. side of the St. Lawrence. Looking down the river, I could see a bright orange pontoon. It was South West about an hour and a half. I could just barely make out the boats as they completed their run and were turning around.

Do I walk another hour and a half, still leaving myself half an hour from home once I’m done, or do I head back, satisfied with the two hours walking I’d put in? Well, of course, I walked over the dragon boat races.

I ended up getting a few good shots of the races, but didn’t stay for as long as I was intending to because the overcast was getting thicker, and there was a high chance of rain. I packed up my stuff, and went home, having walked three hours today, I’ve been exhausted the rest of the day, but I’m happy wit some of the shots I took.

Check out my Flickr account for all the shots I took today, and over the last while: http://www.flickr.com/photos/digitallifenews/.

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