First Time Juicing

Today, I made my first fruit juice with my new juicer. My roommate was interested to see how it worked, the consistency of what came out and how it tasted. I quickly cut an apple into a few pieces and tossed it in, added two strawberries and half a dozen grapes and out came a cup of fruit juice that tastes miles better than anything store bought. My roommate agreed that it was pretty good, though I doubt I’ll see him taking the time to juice any time soon as he’s more a diet Pepsi and Beer person than fruit juice and the like.

The prep time was near zero, but the cleanup was around three minutes of rinsing and scrubbing. The hardest parts were the blades and filter and took the majority of the time.

I’m very happy with the taste of the juice. It tastes fresh, has the right amount of sweetness and has a slightly thicker consistency than the “from concentrate” stuff I can buy from the store. I’m pretty impressed, and plan on making two more juices today: one more fruit one and one vegetable one. The next fruit one will be one Apple, a few strawberries and some blueberries. The veggie one will probably be lettuce and carrots.

Here’s hoping the both of them turn out as well as this first one.

One response to “First Time Juicing”

  1. David, throw in some ground flax seeds or natural bran. You’ll get the benefit of fibre and it won’t affect the taste. Adding banana yoghurt or a banana or pear is also great.

    If you want detox, a beet or carrots go well with the fruit and taste yummy.

    Hint: Always rinse/clean your juicer right after you use it. Once that stuff starts to dry, it’s a pain to clean.

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