OPPW: Official Start – 300.4lbs

So today, I begin working my butt off in hopes of losing one pound per week. Today, I received my juicer, and a fan for my room. I went for a ninety minute photo walk to get my exercise in, and I drank five glasses of Brita filtered water. Other than some yogurt, I didn’t have take in any calories from liquids today, which is huge for me. I definitely would have liked to have some Coke, and I will probably have some from time to time, but I’m working hard at resisting the temptation and focusing on the things that are better for me. I would estimate that nearly a third of my daily calories before this decision came from drinking various things. I could easily go through a twelve can pack of Coke or Root Beer in a week without thinking about it, and then drink juice, chocolate milk, and energy drinks on top of that.

I went ahead and downloaded a bunch of applications onto my smartphone so that I can get reminders, track as many details as possible, and really try to make the whole thing a little more like a game. Between this blog, the scale right next to my computer, the Google Calendar reminders, the note in my Wunderlist, and the applications on my phone, I should be able to keep a myself focused on the goal at hand, and slip up less because of it.

My official weigh in tonight was 300.4 pounds. So by next Friday, the scale needs to read 299.4 or less. I’m optimistic that I can get it down to 298 even, or almost two and a half pounds lost. I just need to keep walking as much as possible, make sure no calories come from drinking (other than my fresh juicer made stuff), and eating a ton of fruit and veggies.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to trying out the juicer, and buy some more fruits and vegetables, as I’m getting low on both. I really hope that this all becomes easier as I go along.

3 responses to “OPPW: Official Start – 300.4lbs”

  1. Just make sure you lose weight in a healthy way. I don’t want to see you making yourself sick and worse off because you’re neglecting what your body needs. hugs.

  2. I want to hear how your juicer works out. Hope it all works out well for you – I know you’ll feel better with the weight off. Many hugs GS

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