OPPW: Pre-Start – 299.2lbs

So tomorrow, I officially start my one pound per week project. Today, I got my scale, the only thing that was delivered by Purolator when I was actually home. Tomorrow, I should receive the juicer. Currently, the scale is saying I am 299.2 lbs. This is the heaviest I’ve ever weighed, and while I was expecting to be around this weight, I’m still disheartened. Over the last two weeks, I’ve been very conscious of what I’m eating, and without a vehicle, I’ve been walking more. I was hoping to start off on a better foot. Tomorrow will be my first official weigh in, and the number that I’ll be working hard to beat by at least one pound the following weigh in.

Whatever I weigh the following Friday will be the new goal that I’m to beat by a single pound. If I lose more than a pound, then that just sets the bar at that point. If I lose less than a pound or gain weight, than that new weight is the new goal to beat by a pound. The only kick in the butt with this whole thing is that I want to get back down to a more healthy weight. I want to lose fifty pounds in one year.

Some basic things that I’ll start with is to have one day a week be juicer days. It will most likely be each Monday. I’ll be flexible with this, but it should help me keep my calories down, get the vitamins and minerals I need, and help me recover from eating a little less healthy on the weekends.

I will walk an hour per day, rain or shine, heat or cold. Most times, I’ll probably take my camera with me, if the weather is nice. Sometimes, my headphones and my cell phone so I can listen to music or watch a television show, and sometimes, I’ll just walk around because I know I need to. I am hoping to find a good app for my Android phone so I can keep track of my walks. I’m also looking for other good apps to help me stay on track regarding calories, meal reminders, and food ideas.

I’ve bought myself a Brita filter, and I’ve been drinking more water. I hope to keep this going as the water coming out of the pitcher tastes miles better than directly from the tap, and isn’t as expensive or wasteful as buying Dasani water all the time (the only bottled water I seem to be able to drink).

Also, because I don’t have an air conditioner in my room, I find it easy to keep drinking cold beverages like water and my Nestea Zero.

I also will continue to bump up my fruit and vegetables, decrease my processed food, and remain conscious of how calorie dense certain things are.

I feel like this is the right path forward for me, and I know I can make a good go of this. Even the box I received today, containing my scale, was marked all over it with the number 42, a good omen in my book. At the end of the day, the more tools I have at my disposal, and the more reminders I have to stay the course, the more dedicated I’ll be in working towards my goals.

4 responses to “OPPW: Pre-Start – 299.2lbs”

  1. We also found that an inexpensive kitchen scale really helped us follow the portions indicated on packaging and in nutrition books- happy journey !!

    • I’ve definitely been thinking about that as well. I think I’ll keep it in reserve if I’m not seeing the results I’m hoping for. From everything I’ve read, it seems that what, when and how much I eat can be upwards of seventy percent of the effort required to lose weight effectively. Or basically, it will be my eating habits, and not my exercise that will have the greater effect on helping me reach my goals.

  2. I know you can do it! 😀 I use myfitnesspal to keep track of my calories and use it as a motivational tool, I’m not sure if they have an android app but they may. They’ve also got a really good set up as far as foods already stored in there with the proper information.

    Good luck! I’ve been using a tumblr account to keep track of my weight loss, but I have slacked the last two months due to adjusting to my cipralex (once again) – http://healthyadventures.tumblr.com/ – I’m actually down to 223 from my 240 in January. Hopefully I’ll keep at it.

    • Very cool. 🙂 I’ll have to check it out. I’ve found that putting a ton of stuff into my Google Calendar has helped as I basically live in my e-mail. Things pop up for me saying “Did you have lunch yet?”, “Time to weigh yourself”, etc… I have them all scheduled for the coming months. The more reminders the better. 🙂 Every pound counts, and super big kudos on your effort, you are almost down 20 lbs, or nearly half of what I want to lose over the next year! Amazing! 🙂

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