New Job? Not So Fast…

So, I’ve been crazy busy and stressed out lately. As some of you know, I was offered a job with United Way Ottawa. I was to be their Online Experience Officer. The position would have put me in a position where I was determining the content structure, growth, organization and publishing rules for the Ottawa branch of the organization. It was a great honour to be considered, and offered the job, but in the end, it looks like I’m going to turn it down.

Dan, my current boss at Charity Marketing Group, didn’t want to see me go, and was willing to make a number of concessions in order to keep me and in the end, he was able to meet my needs for personal and professional growth and balance. As much as I want to live in Ottawa, every day I effect the organization that I currently work with and we are only on the cusp of enacting a myriad of ideas that I have. In the next year, I will be heading up my own small team, an integral part of the organization, with continued growing management responsibilities, and increased control over the course the company will take in the future.

At the end of the day, it was all about meeting my personal goals. Some of my 2011 Goals include:

  • Getting rid of my car
  • Having a better work/life balance
  • Having enough cash flow to buy some accessories for my camera
  • Feeling like I make a real difference in an organization

I didn’t think that I had found all of those things at CMG, but it turns out that I have. Dan has trusted me with a huge piece of his company, and continues to offer me more. I have a feeling, if things go well, I could be the first VP of Marketing for CMG and while titles don’t really mean anything concrete, the level of trust and care is already there.

My current boss is amazing, and even during this whole process, my only complaint about him was that he wasn’t available often enough.

So in the end, I’ll be staying in Brockville, continuing to keep my expenses low, and continuing to push the company forward in technology, both online and off, as well as online marketing.

2 responses to “New Job? Not So Fast…”

  1. Good for you. Work/life balance is important…We spend a lot of waking hours at work and having a great boss makes it so much more enjoyable and worth it (as I know). Hope this helps you get a better handle on things and MORE SLEEP!

  2. Sounds like things are coming together for you – I’m so glad. Does no car mean you can’t visit here very often? Take good care of yourself. Love you G. Sandy

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