Input Overload

So the last few weeks, I’ve been super busy. Right now, I’m at the office, working away on an e-mail migration that I’ve been working on for the last two weeks. While a lot of it is babysitting the computers as they do their things, I’ve been super stressed, and doing a ton of research. The last while has been over sixty hour work weeks, sometimes approaching eighty. Add on some freelance work that I do here and there, and you have exhaustion.

Thankfully, Barry, and my cousin, Mark have been able to lure me away from work to go see movies, play a video game or two, and thus keep me sane, but I’ve just been in a complete state of exhaustion.

So if you have been wondering where I am (a quick nod to Andrea), now you know. I am hoping to get more consistent about writing again, but over the next few weeks, I doubt I’ll get much more posting done, as I have some big news (in the next post) that’ll mean even longer weeks for me for the rest of April…

Take pity on me, and pray for my survival. Hectic doesn’t even begin to represent my life right now.

One response to “Input Overload”

  1. At least now I know you are still alive and well (sortof). 60-80 hours a week??? Crazy. Hope the movies were enjoyable…glad you got Barry and Mark to take care of you…don’t overdo it! That thing about longer weeks sounds mysterious but not too healthy 😦
    Take care…and Happy Easter!
    PS. Do you know about Game of Thrones miniseries on HBO? I’m just starting the book…

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