My Perfect Job

So someone recently asked me if my current job meets the needs and wants of my perfect job.

Well, without divulging too many of the concessions made in order to have me stay at Charity Marketing Group, I’ll say: “mostly”.

I will be able to get rid of my car in May. I will be able to work remotely more often. I will be given more authority to make changes within the company, and the flexibility to work different hours based on need and life balance.

As such, I think it meets most of my needs. I’d still love to reduce my weekly time investment, sure, but I think most people would love to do the same with their own jobs.

At the end of the day, the graciousness and loyalty of Dan, my current boss, was just too great to give up, and while I’ve been working almost harder than I ever have in this company, I’m happier than I was before all of this came about, and in the end, that is what’s important.

Now if only I had more money so I could buy more camera gear, and pay down my debts.

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