Dark Urban Cabaret

I was in Ottawa last weekend and attended the Dark Urban Cabaret, something I can only describe as not-traditional belly dancing. There was a steampunk belly dancer, and various goth ones as well. Overall, it was a great event, and I really enjoyed it. There wasn’t one performance where they did a movie version of belly dancing with the traditional style music. It was aggressive sometimes, and relaxing other times. I am definitely glad that Tom and Tracey invited me and I finally got to see Tracey perform.

On the other side though, I couldn’t have created a more frustrating situation for this amateur photographer. I constantly was fighting with my camera and my own body in hopes of getting a good shot. I cried as lights were dimmed, and I sighed at my lack of lenses for this type of situation. Some of the shots I took ended up looking reasonable on my camera’s LCD, but once I put them onto my computer, I realized that many, if not all of the pictures I took were garbage. I definitely got to learn a lot about how much f-stops matter, as well as how noisy higher ISO’s can be.

I’m looking forward to my next chance to attend belly dancing events, though hopefully in a brighter environment where I can better capture it.

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    • If you log into your Flickr account and go over to my photo stream you should be able to see them. I’ve made it so only friends and family can see the images.

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