Working With United Way Ottawa

Last night, I got a message from Tom in Ottawa asking me if I could help out someone with a WordPress issue. They wanted to send eCards, but the plugins for WordPress were all out of date, and most of them didn’t meet the full needs of the client.

I told him that I’d love to help, and the next thing you know, I’m helping United Way Ottawa with getting their Kindness Week eCard tool up and running.

After a few minutes of looking around, I decided that the eCard plugins were all garbage and decided to use Gravity Forms, my favourite data management plugin for WordPress (if you haven’t bought the developer license yet and you work with WordPress, you are crazy!). I created a form that allowed people to select the card they wanted to send, and tested it out.

I had a few issues, but they were all because I was moving too fast to really think before I acted, as sometimes happens when inspiration hits on a project. Thankfully the Rocket Genius team were considerate, and helped me stop being an idiot.

I got the whole thing running within two and a half hours, and so far, it seems to look and work really well.

Now if only I could speak and write French…

3 responses to “Working With United Way Ottawa”

  1. Hey, Peralty! How’s it going? I swore that I had you on Facebook, but it seems that you’re sort of a non-entity there. Good for you. I’ve got something that I’d like to discuss with you. A project that my brother is working on that he needs a little web help with. Not sure if you can see my email address on here or not, but if not and you don’t feel like ignoring me, just reply. I’ll be notified. Hope that you’re doing well. Talk to you later!


  2. Hey Dave

    Nice snow pics. That’s pretty cool about you helping out United Way. How’s that Drobo working out? Did you get my email about the website?
    Have a great and not too busy week.

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