Drobo Update

So, I’ve ordered the Drobo for work. I selected the Drobo FS as it comes with 5 drive bays, and an ethernet port. I’ve also ordered three 2TB Western Digital Green drives to put in it because they were on sale at NCIX, my favourite online computer store.

I know this is comparing apples and oranges to a degree, but I could have bought four Western Digital Black 1TB drives for $240 or three Western Digital Green 2TB drives for $240, so I went with the 2TB Green drives, and I’m looking forward to having the extra backup space to put some computer images on as we should have more than 3.5TB of free space and we currently only need 2TB for backups meaning I could probably image nearly every computer in the company and store them on the Drobo as well with room to spare.

The bill, including taxes and shipping came to less than $1120, and will be here in the next week or so. I’m looking forward to getting it set up. I will definitely be taking a tip from Tom, and labeling the drives. You can read more about that on his blog: Leroux.ca – Managing hard drives made easier.

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