UBB: Where are We?

So, the last I heard on the whole usage based billing front is that a review will be done, multiple hearings will be held and if UBB goes through in its current form despite all the scrutiny, then members of the government will quash it. Over 450,000 people signed the petition on StoptheMeter.ca and this number is still growing, although very slowly now.

Did you know that Skype, idle on your computer, can use upwards of 2GB of transfer if you are what’s considered a “supernode”? That’s 1/12th of your monthly transfer limit if you have 25GB transfer.

I hate to say it, but without continued outcry from concerned citizens, I believe that UBB in one form or another will get through and be instituted and that most Internet users don’t understand what they are giving up by not standing up and saying “I don’t use my current cap, but I still believe caps are wrong!” It isn’t about subsidizing heavy users, but instead it is about making sure that if you ever become a more savvy Internet-dependent user, that you can do what you want without worrying about usage restricting overage charges.

Did you know that a Windows service pack can be as large as 1-2GB and that many patches can be as large as 100MB?

I have listened to some of the discussions that have occurred between the government and the CRTC or Bell and they spouted half truths, deceptive arguments, and then just repeated them over and over like a campaign slogan. They seem to be under the idea that if they say the same things often enough, they’ll become true, or people will believe them. We have to stay more informed about the services we use, especially when they are under attack.

Did you know games on Steam can average around 8GB? You could only download three games in a single month from Steam if your transfer cap is 25GB.

There will be more discussions before a final decision is made, but I’m worried by then that everyone will have moved on to some new issue or problem, leaving only a small group of voices crying out, trying to get someone to listen while the multi-billion dollar marketing budgets of the big telcos screams, drowning us out.

I already pay too much for Internet and get horrible service and customer support and you probably do too.

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