So, I’ve been getting blog comments from someone that are pretty much threats. They say that I should watch my back, and one day they are going to get me, and other not so nice things. I don’t know who it is or why they are so angry, but it definitely isn’t fun.

The one I received today starts out like, “You time is coming mutha fucker.”

Yeah… Great…

6 responses to “Threats”

  1. Echoing above, do you know the IP? I am not really sure what I’d do, but some action would have to be taken I would think, especially if you have any reason to think they’re serious.

  2. You talk to Best about this? maybe it’s him in a drunken stupor…it wouldn’t surprise me if it was.

    BTW – did you ‘quit’ facebook?

    • Yeah, I quit Facebook. Never have been a fan of the service to begin with, and because of some other stuff, I just decided one day to close it down.

      As for Best, I doubt it was him as it was more than one time (yes, I know he has been in a drunken stupor more than once).

  3. I would never joke, or do anything like that. Ever.

    I am a kidder, I am a bullshitter. I am classy when it comes to my pranks and jokes (even though 99.8% of them are lame and not funny) and would not stoop to that sort of behavior.

    I was very surprised when I discovered what is happening and I hope your ok.

    I also hope, whoever the piece of shit is that is doing this to you is caught and served by the law and karma. You are too cool of a dude, and from knowing you for a limited of a time as I did while you were here, I don’t see what would provoke this sort of action.

    Keep it real, and safe man!


    • I know man, we were just joking around. Thankfully, they haven’t said too much that has me scared, but the fact that they got a proxy or vpn set up to try to hide their identity this time isn’t really comforting. Hopefully, the abuse contact at the server company, and at Bell will take this seriously and either cut off or warn the person that did it. The world is crazy, but I really don’t know who I could have frustrated so badly that they’d waste time ranting and raving on my blog…

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