Bell Samsung Galaxy S: Fail

So, four months ago, I ran and picked up a Samsung Galaxy S from Bell. I knew that all the carriers in Canada would be getting their own version of the Samsung Galaxy S, but I couldn’t wait and despite my deep loathing for Bell, I signed up for a three year contact.

My phone died on Christmas Eve day. It turned on, but would only boot into a black screen. Today, I got a call at work that said basically that my phone was going to be completely replaced (except for the battery) due to a hardware failure.

From what I’ve researched online, I might have a two month wait before I get my replacement unit. This bothers me only because if I wanted a new Samsung Galaxy S today, I could walk in and pick one up without any delay, but because mine broke, I have to wait for a replacement.

Hopefully, the next one I get from them lasts longer than four months, and I wish Bell was better at customer service. I won’t get into it all here, but they have built a system that allows the various stores to hide behind rules that screw customers. Just sayin’.

I’ll let you all know when I get my replacement phone.

One response to “Bell Samsung Galaxy S: Fail”

  1. When my Milestone crapped out a few months ago, they said it could take 4-6 weeks to get it back, and it ended up taking 2. Still sucked though. I feel your pain regarding customer service…even though I’m with Telus, it’s pretty rough, especially when the “2nd tier tech support” in the store had no clue what I was talking about when I mentioned extremely basic troubleshooting concepts for cell phones that I had already gone through…and then I get the phone back, on the back plate was bent where whoever opened it up didn’t know what they were doing… I REALLY hate bad tech support people…

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