Christmas Presents

This year, I am going to make sure that I push myself into Christmas celebrations with various family members. My Aunt, Nancy, has already invited me over to her place, which was super nice of her. I’ve also already started buying gifts for people. Hopefully, they like them. For those looking for something for me, my list remains the same as my Birthday List.

Christmas can definitely be an expensive undertaking, but I’ve always been in such rough financial positions before and haven’t had the opportunity to spend a bit of money on my family. At the end of the day though, the thing I still want the most is time. I hope to be able to spend time with everyone. One person I won’t get to spend any time with, but would love to see is my Dad. It feels like it has been forever since I’ve seen him.

Only one month left until Christmas. How is your shopping going? Are you organizing visits already?

One response to “Christmas Presents”

  1. Being that heathen that I am (not to mention being BEYOND broke), there’s not gonna be much going on in the way of xmas stuff for me I think. But really, I’m cool with just skipping the whole thing for the most part. I’ve never been much for arbitrary celebrations and such. Probably just eat too much and watch a movie or something with April and that will be that. We’re boring lol

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