My Upcoming Birthday and More Job News

My cousin, Mark, recently posted his wishlist for his upcoming birthday, and as part of that list, he was hoping to get a Canon T1i SLR camera, the model just below mine. He couldn’t wait anymore and just ended up buying it recently, and has made a list of the lenses he’d like to get to complement it.

With that in mind, I want to post my little wish-list on here as well relating to what I am most interested in getting, either for my birthday or Christmas.

My Wish List

And of course, if I end up taking this job in Brockville, the best gift anyone can give would be help moving, organizing, getting set up, and adjusted. I live so far from friends and family that I know it would be a huge gift to get support in moving. I don’t have much stuff, but more than my little car can take. So my choice is to downsize to accommodate my limited moving capabilities, or get help moving.

The whole new job thing still isn’t certain. Dan, my potential new boss, and I are going to talk tomorrow about the offer of employment. The funny thing is that he has already sent it to me, but it is password protected. Because it is a Microsoft Word 2007 AES 128 bit encrypted document, I won’t be able to open it without the password (unless I had two or three more decent computers that I could run brute force programs on…). So, until I get that password, I won’t know what kind of compensation they are willing to offer.

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