So, while I did get to sleep early, and have my eight hours, I am exhausted this evening. Work was crazy with paperwork, ideas, thoughts, management, questions, organizing, contacting… I am exhausted. So now I am trying to unwind, but all I want to do is go back to bed.

There is so much I want to do this evening, but I have no energy to do it, so I’ll watch another show or two, and hit the sack early to try to be ready to give another one hundred and twenty percent tomorrow.

Side note: half an hour for lunch is definitely not enough.

2 responses to “Sleep”

  1. sounds like you had a busy first day. Did you get a better idea of your job there today or was it mostly admin crap?

    • I got a slightly better idea, but because the most important person, Danielle, wasn’t there, I didn’t get the full idea of what my job will entail. The admin crap was all being done when I had two seconds to breathe before I went and did the next thing.

      I’m trying to get all caught up on learning the in’s and out’s but there is lots to learn. And as I’m learning, I’m also helping manage, give suggestions, ideas, tips, tricks, techniques, and guiding various processes. I am doing three companies jobs…

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