New Job Starts in Twelve Hours

So, I’m definitely not feeling as prepared as I’d like for the new job. To say I have a little anxiety would be putting it mildly. Unlike previous jobs where I’ve known everything or had orientation time, this new job seems like I’m going to have to put my brain and skills on overdrive.

I’m hoping everything goes well tomorrow, but for now, I’m going to lie down, listen to some calming music (if the Internet would speed up! More on that later) and go to sleep super early.

That way, I can get up early, get all dolled up, and walk down to the office. Hopefully, it isn’t still snowing tomorrow (yup, we got snow here today).

I’ve never felt this way about starting a new job before. Sure, I’ve been nervous, but this goes beyond that as I don’t know what will exactly be expected of me, and how quickly I’ll have to adapt. Thanks to everyone that has wished me well.

Must find a way to relax and sleep before I’m up all night stressing… More tomorrow.

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