Work Today and Work Tonight

So, I got through another day of work. Thankfully, in the last hour, I was able to take a bit of time to slow down, take some extra breaths, and organize my thoughts. I’m doing so many different things for this company, and they are gearing up to throw more my way. I’ve never worked on such tight deadlines before, I’ve never had so much responsibility on my shoulders. I wonder if I made the right choice in taking this job.

It definitely plays to some of my strengths, but I worry about some of my future plans, and how they will fit into this strenuous cycle of hyper-work and crashing when I get home in the evening. Everyone I’ve talked to says that I need to give the job more time, and that I’m dealing with the normal learning curve of a new job, and so I’m trying my best to stay positive, focused and take in as much as possible.

When I get home tonight though, I have a bunch of things I have to get started on, so I already feel like I’m going to die over the next year. At some point, I’m going to have to take some darn vacation. I was planning to with the County before I left. Stupid me. I never take vacation and always kick myself for it.

One response to “Work Today and Work Tonight”

  1. Things are always really busy when you start a new job, and will probably settle down for you once you’ve handled all the fires that were burning when you got there.

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