Rented a Room

So, I finally was able, at the last minute, to find a room for rent that fit my needs. It is inexpensive, small, but nice. I’m very excited to be starting my getting set up so I can start work on Monday. I was so worried I would be looking for an apartment until Sunday afternoon and end up commuting my first day to work from Kingston.

I owe my cousin so many thanks for putting me up at his apartment the last few days, and for helping me move my stuff. He’s been a great sport about the whole thing, despite having long hours and weird shifts at work the last few days as well.

So now, I need to move a car load of stuff to my room, and another tomorrow, pay my first and last month’s rent, and start to adjust to living in Brockville. The room is reasonably close to downtown, which is nice, as I can walk to work until they move the office outside the city limits. It also means I can explore the waterfront with my camera (if it doesn’t start snowing in the next few days) and get to some local shops without using my car.

Hopefully, everything works out great, and I’ll have more positive things to write about in the coming weeks and months.

5 responses to “Rented a Room”

  1. Congratulations on the new place, that’s awesome. Good luck with the new job starting Monday (Monday’s are a great day).
    Just for reference, your modem was picked up by Wightman yesterday.

    Talk to you soon !


  2. Congrats on the place. Nothing like coming through at the last minute. Have fun on monday. Danielle says she can’t wait to see you there.

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