Still No Place to Live

So, I still don’t have a confirmed place to live yet. I am more ready though for my first day at my new job. I got a haircut, new shoes, and with all my stuff in my cousin’s dining room, I realize just how few things I have, and moving things forty-five minutes away will definitely be easier than the move of over five hours away that I just completed.

Yesterday was an amazing day though. The weather was perfect for walking around Kingston, and my cousin and I did over eight kilometers of walking over the course of the morning. I snapped up over two hundred photos, and uploaded my favourites to my Flickr account (Photos from the Walk)

I got to see my aunt, grandmother and cousins. Tonight I hope to see my Mom and have dinner with my grandmother. Hopefully, tomorrow, I will have a new place to live before I start my job on Monday…

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