I’m in Kingston, Ontario at my cousin’s place. I keep thinking I’m going to go “home” back to Walkerton. Tomorrow is my cousin’s birthday, so to celebrate it with him, he and I are going to go on a photowalk. It should be fun. He has the Canon T1i and I have the T2i. We should end up with a few nice shots. Then on Thursday, I’ll be potentially hunting for apartments again, but I heard today that I might have gotten the room I wanted that was for rent, and then wasn’t as it is for rent again.

I also found out my co-workers from the County read my blog post about all of them. A blog post that was really for all of my normal readers so that you could all understand why making the decision to move was so difficult. I’ve told people many times that I really enjoyed working with everyone and the number one question I got was “why?” and so I wrote a post entitled Insight Into Leaving where I gave my opinions on the personalities at the County. I really should have password protected it as now I’m pretty embarrassed about the whole thing.

No time to think about that though, I have so many e-mails coming from my new job and I’m trying to be as helpful as possible, learn all I can before I start, and find enjoyment in the stress. Exciting times for me!

2 responses to “Kingston”

  1. Hi David
    I’m off today so thought I’d check out a blog…yours. Glad you are getting time to catch up with your family. Wow the pictures are awesome, you know how I love architecture and history. What a great day to be out and about. Thanks for sharing.
    PS. Don’t be embarrassed about the Insight thing. Writing is one of your talents and you captured the personalities pretty well I thought. I agree, they are a great bunch of people to work with. You are pretty like-able yourself! Good luck on Monday…I’ll be thinking about you. The kids say HI.
    PPS. Did I do this ‘reply’ thing right? πŸ™‚

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