Another Site Nearly Complete: A&R Music

So for the last few days, I’ve been working on a website for a local music store, A&R Music, and it is nearing completion. I’ve launched it already, and the owner and his wife are going to make changes as they see fit. Previously, they were using Pagemaker to develop the site, and while they were able to get information up, it definitely didn’t look as professional as they would like.

Here’s what the old site used to look like:

And here’s the new design:

The new site should hopefully serve their needs better, allow them an easier way to publish new content, and allow them to expand the features of the site. I’m excited to see it develop, and hope that they enjoy it. As you can see there, are three content areas on the home page that still need to be filled out. They are going to have graphics, thus adding to the imagery on the front page, while hopefully not being overwhelming to the eye.

Finishing out this job will definitely help the moving budget as well, so I owe them a big thanks for hiring me to do this for them. Check out the new site at

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