Security at Work

Last night, a few co-workers of mine implemented the new SonicWall firewall, and now I can’t access a variety of different websites. It is annoying, but not totally unexpected. One of the biggest issues for an organization is controlling access and keeping things secure. The best way to do this is to limit control.

I have to admit though that like one of my other co-workers said to me, “even if I don’t want to go to a locked down website, I don’t like feeling restricted.”

I have to deal with these new restrictions for one week from today, and then I’m gone. What’s funny to me is that I might end up creating the same restrictions on computers when I arrive at my new job, if I’m allowed…

2 responses to “Security at Work”

    • Yeah, I just don’t want to use up all my bandwidth (only have 500megs a month) on stuff like that. 🙂 Besides, for the most part, I’ve already found ways around it.

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