Authoring a DVD That Works

So a co-worker went on a trip and didn’t have anyone that could record some television for her. It was the season start of her favourite show, so I volunteered to download it for her and put it on a DVD so she could watch it. What I didn’t realize is that unlike my computer and the Phillips DVD players I have, other people use DVD players that can’t play any special files.

I converted the AVI into an MPEG-2 file, and still she couldn’t play it on her three year old Sony DVD player. Now, when I get home this evening, I’m going to have to figure out how to properly author a DVD for her. So if anyone has any tips, tricks or advice I’d appreciate it.

3 responses to “Authoring a DVD That Works”

  1. Sony DVD players are finicky. Try using iDVD or Toast burning at the lowest speed setting, doing this removed any issues I’ve had.

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