One Department: 99% of My Stress

There is one department where I work that takes up the majority of my time, somewhere in the neighborhood of 75% of my working time is dealing with this department and yet they contribute to 99% of my stress. Most departments are flexible, willing to find a happy medium between what they want and what I can deliver. Other departments are happy with any deliverables, upgrades, and new code.

But no matter how much time we put into one department, it isn’t enough. They always want more, or they aren’t happy how things are, or they are using mis-information, and old information to try to convince us to do things that my co-worker and I know are wrong.

We’ve gotten to the point where we give up, and just do whatever they want, as their success or failure has nothing to do with us.

The real shame though is that if they consulted us, asked our opinions and took those opinions then they’d be more successful than they are currently. They see a few percent growth and are excited, but I’ve built sites with double digit percent growth, month over month for multiple consecutive months before.

I guess my biggest issue is that my experience is just going to waste and since I’ve spent so much time and energy focusing on keeping up with the trends, changes in coding, search engines and more, it stresses me out.

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