Battlefield Bad Company 2

The day before last on Steam, I was able to pick up Battlefield Bad Company 2 for a discounted price. It is a game my cousin seems to enjoy and since we play multi-player games together, I figured that it could be a good purchase.

Other than Team Fortress 2, I am not a big fan of first person shooters, and I especially dislike realistic shooters. And Bad Company 2 definitely falls under that umbrella.

I ended up playing for a few hours with my cousin, and died five times more than I killed others. To say I was frustrated with the game by the end would be an understatement. The only class that I was able to do somewhat well in was as a sniper and even then, I didn’t find the game exciting because I love being right in the action, assaulting into a building.

Blowing up a wall with a grenade, jumping through the hole, spraying bullets from my assault rifle, crouching down near a window so a sniper can’t see me. It is exhilarating and would be more so if I could take more than one to three bullets before dying.

In the end, I think I’ll still play the game, but only with my cousin, and only for short spurts of time. He assures me that I will get better with the sniper class, but I think I’d rather spend my time learning how to become a more efficient assault soldier.

Here’s hoping that I can find some enjoyment in the game before it frustrates me so much that I delete it from my computer and thank goodness I bought it on discount.

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