Well, it had to happen sooner or later with everyone in the office sneezing, coughing, and all stuffed up with phlegm: I think I’m sick.

Right now, I feel like my throat is trying to close itself off. It isn’t a fun feeling. Other than that, I feel okay, but when I swallow, I feel like my saliva is made of small knives pushing open my upper throat. Not a fun feeling in any way. Hopefully, it is short lived.

How do I know it is a cold and not something else? I haven’t been singing loudly, nor eating anything salty. I have been taking in lots of fluids.

I hope I don’t come down with any of the things that have been going around the office though. I’m a big baby when I am sick, I’ll admit it. And being sick plus trying my best to move all kinds of boxes and furniture this weekend don’t really go together well.

Add to that the fact that I am out of sick days for this year, and no matter how you break it down, I can’t be sick.

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  1. Stargrace

    I hate being sick, and I’m a huge baby too. Last year was horrid, I was sick all the dang time. This year, thankfully, I have avoided it *knocks on wood* The cool temperatures mixed with sweltering heat are certainly not helping.

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