Ordered Glasses Online

Recently I broke my glasses. I knocked them off as I was exiting the car at work, and the arm broke away from the rest of the glasses.

I quickly drove home and super-glued the arm back on, but despite the strength of super-glue, it didn’t really stay. I had to glue it two more times over the course of a week. With this in mind, I realized that I would have to get new glasses.

I just recently got new lenses in my old frames, and used up all of my benefits relating to glasses. I might end up getting new frames for the lenses I already have, but I wanted to see if I could get some glasses online.

I’ve heard both good things and bad things about buying glasses online and it made me a bit nervous. But with the sites promise of free shipping back if the glasses are no good, I decided to take the leap and see what I could order.

I first had to get my prescription. That was easy. I just called up the optometrist that did my test less than four months ago. Unfortunately, it didn’t include my PD. The PD, or pupillary distance. This is an important measurement that gives the makers of glasses the optimal placement of where the correction is needed.

I ended up measuring it myself using the mirror in the bathroom after doing some research. Hopefully, I got the number right.

Now I am just waiting to see what arrives. Hopefully, they will look good and function well. I’ll write about them when they arrive, as well as mention the company I ordered from even if they turn out poorly.


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  1. Stephanie

    I have an eye appointment on the 22nd, in the hopes that I’ll find a pair of glasses I like. I haven’t had a new pair in 10 years, and it’s really well past time. I’m excited! But also nervous. 10 years is a long time with the same pair of glasses.

  2. David Peralty

    I’ve only had these for five years… I still can’t believe I broke them. 😦 Hope your appointment goes well. For me, 10 years ago is 3 prescriptions ago. My damn eyes just keep getting worse.

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