Got My New Glasses

Read the previous post first: Ordered Glasses Online.

I was worried about ordering glasses online, but I really enjoy shopping online. If companies can perfect virtual dressing rooms and better images and video of products, I’d probably order a lot more stuff online.

The company I ordered my glasses from is Clearly Contacts. I did some research on them before ordering, and they seemed like the only inexpensive glasses store that didn’t have more bad reviews than good.

Choosing glasses was difficult, as the search system they use is clunky, especially when it comes to finding the perfect sizing. I would have liked to be able to search by the width of the entire frames, as I have a pretty wide head. (I’m sure that just opened me up to many jokes…)

The cost of the glasses was $60 and then I added better lenses for a further $40. So a pair set me back only $100. I added another pair for less than $100 and found a discount coupon online. Including taxes and shipping, I received two pairs of glasses for $186.

The glasses got here fast after being assembled, and the build quality seems fine. I am not one hundred percent happy with either pair, but that’s mostly due to two reasons: the lenses don’t seem to be as high quality as my “real” glasses, and the frames aren’t wide enough for my fat head.

I tried my best to make sure they’d be wide enough, but apparently I was still off by a bit. They both fit me okay, but that’s only because they use spring-loaded arms. Neither pair looks all that nice on me either. I did try the virtual fitting room tool that the site has, but it still didn’t prepare me for the reality of how they’d look on me.

So for now, both pairs will be back-up for my current glasses, and if I do have to move on from my current glasses to one of the pairs I ordered from Clearly Contacts, one pair does look better on me than the other, and both correct my eyesight so that I can function.

In the end, the complaints are only of lens quality, and my ability to pick out frames that look good on me, otherwise Clearly Contacts gets a +1 from me.

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  1. Mark

    What about going to a local frame store, finding a pair that you like that fit you well and then find out with CC carries them for a discounted price. That way you know how the frames will look on your face and how they will fit to your head.

    I know the way of a web company is to not rely on other companies, but in its infancy, why not?

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