Timing of Depression

It is Mental Health Week in Canada. I’ve spoken a bit about this before, but I don’t suffer from situational depression. I have a chemical imbalance in my brain that is persistent. This means that having a bad day at work or having something bad in my life doesn’t cause bouts of depression. Unfortunately, this […]

Anxiety Triggers

It is Mental Health Week in Canada. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. Basically, that means that I worry a more than most people about nearly everything. Day to day, I’m able to mostly keep it under control, and sometimes even use it as a drive to push me forward. An example would be that […]

My Mental Composition

It is Mental Health Week in Canada. How do we know what’s wrong with us? Usually, we go to a doctor, but when you suffer from mental illness, it can be a little more complicated. I constantly think about what makes me different and the labels that would be placed on me. I’ve been vocal […]

My Experiences with Depression Medication

It is Mental Health Week in Canada. Since I was a young teen, I’ve been on and off different medications for my depression and anxiety and I wanted to talk about some of them today. I would love to talk about them all, but often I didn’t really care about what medication I was on […]

Mental Health Affects More Than Mood

It is Mental Health Week in Canada. One of the most commonly held misconceptions I come across regarding mental health is that if I’m feeling sad then I must be depressed. I hear random people use the word depressed all the time for a down moment or down day, and while I don’t want to […]

Two Years with Annie

Yesterday, Annie and I celebrated two years together. Unfortunately, I had to work, and Annie had a doctor’s appointment that made her more than a little uncomfortable, but overall, I think it was a good day. It started with me sitting at my computer and working away. Then the smell of bacon filled the apartment. […]

Tesla Range Thoughts

So one of the biggest issues with owning an electric car is its range. It can take a long time to recharge batteries. I’ve been thinking more and more about the Model 3 and how it would fit into the lifestyle that Annie and I have. Would it be able to get us everywhere we […]