Childhood Memories: Red Octopus

Later in my high school years, both Barry and Brad, my closest friends, got their driver’s licenses. I would often head to Ottawa with them, around an hour away from home. One time, while Barry and I were at the St. Laurent Shopping Centre, we were approached by a woman and her cameraman. CHRO, one […]


I’ve been interested in brain enhancing medication since my first bout of depression as a young teen, and since then I’ve continued to look into it from time to time. The idea that there are substances out there that I can take to improve my concentration, memory, mood, focus, and more is really intriguing to […]

Family Communication

I basically only have a Facebook account to keep track of what is happening in the lives of my family and friends. Most of the time when I go on Facebook, I go into the secret groups being used to organize family events and then leave the site. Facebook allows a simple way to do […]

Building Out My Family Tree: Part 3

One site I’ve recently found very helpful is Our Family Histories –, especially for European backgrounds. Using this site, I’ve been able to trace back a few lines in my own family a few hundred years, and a line in Annie’s family back nearly two thousand years. I could go back even further with […]

Little Baby B

We’ve been basically shouting it from the rooftops, but I haven’t posted about it on here, but Annie is pregnant. It is still very early days, and we are seven weeks from that twelve-week “safety” point, but just like with Lily, we want to celebrate this baby from now until forever. With the support and […]

Transitioning Fortrus to WordPress

When I took the position with Fortrus Financial, I knew that it was going to take some energy and time to remember all the intricacies of Joomla, the content management system that Fortrus Financial had been using. I have used Joomla a few times before, and like Drupal, I find it lacking. The community seems […]

My Grandma’s Celebration of Life

It has been a week since the Celebration of Life for my grandma, Sandra Adams, in Kingston so I wanted to write some of it out so that there is a record from my perspective. When Annie and I arrived at Rotary Park with my second cousin, Jason, I grabbed my camera and walked over […]