You Should Draw Project

Over the last two days, I’ve spent my evenings working on a quick project idea that I had called I enjoy watching Draw with Jazza on YouTube, especially his character design sessions where he comes up with random words to base his characters on and allows his audience to decide each piece via a […]

Computer Accessibility

Having my mother-in-law live here for the last couple of weeks has definitely highlighted how horrible accessibility is in technology. My mother-in-law has a Blackberry Playbook as well as an Acer Chromebook. Neither device is completely intuitive for her to use, and all she does on the devices is: Listen to audiobooks Browse Facebook Watch […]

Childhood Memories: Red Octopus

Later in my high school years, both Barry and Brad, my closest friends, got their driver’s licenses. I would often head to Ottawa with them, around an hour away from home. One time, while Barry and I were at the St. Laurent Shopping Centre, we were approached by a woman and her cameraman. CHRO, one […]


I’ve been interested in brain enhancing medication since my first bout of depression as a young teen, and since then I’ve continued to look into it from time to time. The idea that there are substances out there that I can take to improve my concentration, memory, mood, focus, and more is really intriguing to […]

Family Communication

I basically only have a Facebook account to keep track of what is happening in the lives of my family and friends. Most of the time when I go on Facebook, I go into the secret groups being used to organize family events and then leave the site. Facebook allows a simple way to do […]

Building Out My Family Tree: Part 3

One site I’ve recently found very helpful is Our Family Histories –, especially for European backgrounds. Using this site, I’ve been able to trace back a few lines in my own family a few hundred years, and a line in Annie’s family back nearly two thousand years. I could go back even further with […]

Little Baby B

We’ve been basically shouting it from the rooftops, but I haven’t posted about it on here, but Annie is pregnant. It is still very early days, and we are seven weeks from that twelve-week “safety” point, but just like with Lily, we want to celebrate this baby from now until forever. With the support and […]