Sol Prima Mothballed

So after a few months, I’ve decided to close down Sol Prima Miniatures for now.

It just wasn’t converting and while fun, it was eating up a bunch of money each month. I was spending over one thousand per month for six months to try to get the project going, and at the end, I made around fifty dollars for that investment. My friend, Barry, was too busy and the project wasn’t always going in the direction he was most excited about and so we just couldn’t find traction. Add to that, my limited marketing skills, and it was time to pull the plug.

In the end, I think the we made more than twenty models, some with different poses, weapons and more. I am so happy with some of the models that were produced, and feel so thankful to the amazing artists that worked on the project with me.

I am not sure what kind of future the project has. It might end up as part of a long list of hobbies/projects that went no where, and I have to accept that. I am hoping to put the models somewhere reasonable that people can buy them and maybe over a few years it’ll earn back some of what was put into it.

Right now, my focus has switched to work and playing with Cryptocurrencies. Wish me luck!

One response to “Sol Prima Mothballed”

  1. Awesome post! I think it’s good to know when to move on from something…and who knows what the future will bring! ???

    Brenda Wood Financial Coordinator GSGE Queen’s University ________________________________

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