1 Million Calories Challenge – Week 1

This week wasn’t too bad. I tracked what I ate, and didn’t really alter my diet too much other than cutting back on the soda that I drink and things like chips, chocolate and ice cream… All the good things in life!

Honestly though, I am excited about this challenge and documenting my experiences through it. It has really energized me creatively.

Jan 1 – I didn’t get many calories in on January 1st after having eaten a ton at my aunt and uncle’s place on New Year’s Eve. I didn’t feel hungry enough to really make an effort to get my daily amount in and for some reason, I felt like I failed. I know I should be trying to get more than 871 calories in my body in a day, but after a poor night sleep and everything being closed, we just ate what we had around the house.

Jan 2 – Ate many more calories today. For supper, I made a really nice Spaghetti where the pasta was just a garnish for the sauce to try to limit empty carbs. After, Annie and I went out to see Aquaman in the theatre and got a regular popcorn and regular soda to share. Usually, we get combo one which has a large popcorn, large soda and a bag of candy. So I consider that a win. Last night, we got a ton of sleep, but it was interrupted a few times for Luna washroom breaks, and I had a hard time getting back to sleep each time, so while I didn’t have the near twelve hours Annie had, I was able to get a solid seven, which is the most I’ve had since we brought Luna home. I had a great email conversation with my best friend Tom today about weight loss. He is averaging a little above or below half a million calories and thus is in the camp of people that believe one million is too many, though he does note that his goal is to lose weight. I got some running in with Luna. I was hoping she’d play fetch, but it ended up being tennis ball keep away with her constantly grabbing the ball and running away from me whenever I got near. I really hope she learns to fetch soon.

Jan 3 – Annie made brunch today, so I got to focus on work and taking care of the dog. We got a big snowfall last night so Luna is going crazy. I swear snow is her cocaine. She leaps and runs and is just so excited in the snow. I had some black licorice today because I love it and got some for Christmas. I had a bit of a headache today. We had spaghetti leftovers for dinner, but I have to admit, despite using nearly all of my calories today, I still felt hungry and suffered from a headache all afternoon.

Jan 4 – I weighed myself this morning and I am down one pound since starting this on the first. That isn’t too much of a surprise since I have a calorie deficit of over 3000 calories. I haven’t had a day yet where I’ve needed the full 2739 calories, but I know from previous calorie tracking exercises that there will be days where I will use the full amount or maybe even go over. I am also banking on holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas to be big calorie users, so I want to bank extra calories ahead of time. My headache persisted today. Same spot… Didn’t want to take anything for it today because I hate taking medication for fear that it will work less when I need it most. I made a quick meatloaf today. It was kind of boring tasting, almost like a burger without a bun, but it was good enough and filling. I had some candy today and that ate through a ton of calories…I am still under though.

Jan 5 – Still have a headache this morning. I think I’m going to use some of my calories on getting a can or bottle of coke today to see if it is a caffeine withdrawal symptom as I haven’t had any caffeine since New Year’s Eve. I woke up feeling hungry and tempted to eat something for breakfast. I’m surprised as I usually don’t care about breakfast and wait until late brunch or an on-time lunch to have my first meal of the day. I ended up getting a bottle of coca-cola and drinking that, with a yogurt and protein granola. It was really good. It didn’t make my headache go away though, unfortunately. For lunch, I had some leftover meatloaf. It was still good the second day, but again, much like a bunless burger in some ways. I wish I would have had some more veggies to go with it, but I need to do another grocery shop. I watched the first episode of the second season of a show called Paleo Way. I constantly think I’d love to go Paleo or Keto but both require a ton of work and are difficult to do for someone as picky as me. At dinner, I had ribs and potato wedges at my Aunt and Uncle’s place. He did the ribs on his smoker, and it was good, and I’m not normally a fan of ribs. I used up almost 800 calories per meal today, and I’m not sure if I’m over-estimating my portions or what, but it seems to be pretty easy for me to use up around two-thousand calories. The good news is that the headache that has been plaguing me for three days seems to have gone away.

Jan 6 – I woke up and didn’t feel too hungry today, so that feels like a small victory. It is funny that when you start thinking about health you can’t help but notice advertisements and other people posting about it more. It might be because everyone is doing their New Year’s resolution, but I hope that I can continue to be inspired to stick with this challenge through the next fifty-one weeks.

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