Leaving Our Apartment and Starting Our Adventure

Last night was the last night we get to sleep in our apartment in Guelph. Annie was never fully a fan of Guelph, using it mostly just as a place to sleep, but Guelph has been pretty good to us. Our apartment was pretty nice, and our location, while not in any of the same cities as any of Annie’s siblings, it did have quick access to many of them. We took full advantage of a nearby movie theatre, seeing all of the blockbuster new releases as they came out, and took more than a few trips to the nearby Dairy Queen.

We didn’t do anything special last night to celebrate our last night in our apartment. We mostly just prepared for our next adventure. We spent time trying to get our foam and memory foam mattress in the car (as a test for tonight), continued to throw out things we won’t need and did a run to drop off some stuff at Annie’s sister’s and our storage unit.

So what’s our plan?

December – Well, as I alluded to in my previous post (Homeless for the Holidays), we are going to couch surf with family and friends. After I finish work today, we load up the car, which will be absolutely stuffed, and drive to a friend’s place where we will be spending three nights before staying with Annie’s brother for a three nights, and then moving to Annie’s other brother’s for a two nights before ending up at one of her sister’s places for four nights… Moving from place to place like that, especially since I don’t finish working at Sandbox Software until December 8th sounds a bit exhausting. Some days, I may have to commute as much as an hour and a half to work, but the last bit of income is worth the effort.

Then on the 11th of December, we head to my mom’s place in Kingston and then to my aunt’s place until Christmas day. We celebrate Christmas with my family in Kingston before leaving early in the afternoon on Christmas day to stay at my cousin’s place for a night. Then on Boxing day, we head to one of Annie’s sister’s places for her family Christmas and stay there until just after New Years.

January – At this point, we don’t yet know what we will be doing in January, other than we’d like to travel to the USA and stay somewhere relatively warm (easy when your comparison is Canada!). I’ve heard from a few people that I know that we might be able to bunk in a guest room of theirs for a night or two, but I haven’t arranged anything yet, and I don’t know how serious most of them were.

I might reach out to those that have mentioned we could stay with them, and see if January would work for them. Even a few well placed days will let us stretch out our savings a bit more… We may end up using AirBnB rooms to bridge the gaps or for the entirety of our January excursion.

February – Then at the end of January, Annie and I are house sitting for a few weeks until the middle of February. We will make sure my cousin goes to school, that the two cats get fed and that the house is still there when they get back.

After February – Then we enter the period of unknown. Much of what happens next will depend on what our expenses have looked like and what kind of income we have. If we have used up too much of our savings and don’t have money coming in, then it will be the mad dash to find work to have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies.

What we would like most is to be able to continue to travel until the end of August at the very least…

Annie and I are feeling many emotions as we get ready to couch surf and then hopefully digital nomad a bit. It was really hard to bring the urns of our two daughters to stay with Annie’s mom and sister. It was tough to see all that we own stuffed into a single storage unit. It was very difficult to say goodbye to a job that I’ve only started to get comfortable in. But looking forward in our lives together, we both knew that we had to try this and see if we could create some amazing memories.

One response to “Leaving Our Apartment and Starting Our Adventure”

  1. David, you and Annie are living your life…and that is very admirable. Enjoy your adventure..learn, laugh and love every minute of your new experiences and know you have friends thinking about you and supporting you along the way. Best wishes!!!!!

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