Homeless for the Holidays

So this week my wife and I are moving out of our apartment. We almost lived here for two years, and that’s the longest I’ve lived somewhere for a while now.

My wife and I started discussing what we would do if we couldn’t have children over two years ago when we first started trying to expand our family. We both decided that if we ever knew it wasn’t going to happen for us we’d travel and see more of this country, continent, and hopefully the world.

I’ve wanted to travel a bit more for the last five to ten years now. It has always been the second option and whenever it gets close to happening, something changes in my life where travelling doesn’t make sense. The last time I was gearing up for the digital nomad lifestyle was when I met Annie, and instead of travelling around Canada, I moved to Georgetown to be near her.

I’m still living in the head space that we won’t get to travel much due to finances or something unforeseen, but December, January, and half of February are already lining up to be very different for us.

In December, we will be staying with family and friends, couch surfing until the new year rings in. Then we plan on doing a three week trip to the USA before coming back at the end of January to house-sit for a family member for a few weeks. Finally, in the middle of February, we have to figure out what we want to do next as we may potentially be without jobs or a place to live.

I’m currently applying to companies that allow remote work and who have a company culture I feel I’d be a good fit with. I hope to have something lined up by early in the new year. The only reason I’m leaving where I work now at Sandbox is because the organization isn’t set-up for remote work resources. I have some great prospects that I’ve been interviewing with but if they fall through for some reason, I’ll have to widen my net and keep trying. I have also been thinking about building out my own WordPress consulting business as I think I’d be a strong resource in that arena, but cultivating clients and building up a stable of work over the Christmas holidays or just after New Years might be a little difficult. I’ve also been considering seeing if any of the companies I’ve worked with before need a part-time or full-time resource with my skills, as I’ve worked for some amazing organizations, but we will see how things turn out. I am a bit nervous as I haven’t been without full-time employment longer than a couple of weeks since graduating high school.

Our hopes are to travel throughout 2017, living in different places for a couple months at a time. Will we travel to Belize like we originally wanted? I don’t know. Will we make it to British Columbia? I don’t know. Will we make it to England to see family there? I don’t know that either.

We really don’t know what our future holds, only that it will be an adventure that Annie and I share together.

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