Bed Rest for Annie and Anika

So Annie went from being mostly on bed rest to full on bed rest a couple of weeks ago, and it has been very hard for everyone. Watching my wife struggle is never fun. Seeing her frustrated, isolated, and uncomfortable is hard. Trying to be there for her needs as well as my own has been difficult.

We’ve both wanted to be parents for so long. We are fighting so hard to make it happen. We are only four or five weeks away from minimum viability. Of course, we want Anika to have more time to grow and be ready for the world, but the whole thing is much more complicated than I ever thought possible.

Our families and friends have been amazing at providing support. They’ve taken Annie to many of her appointments, helped us with chores around our apartment, and fed us more than once. It would be so much harder without that assistance.

Annie could be on bed rest for as long as five months, though more likely only three or four. The thought of five more months is somewhat exhausting. I don’t want to complain. I don’t want to be negative. I don’t want my wife to feel bad for asking me to get her something she needs so that she can stay in bed and give our daughter her best chance. I feel frustrated when I can’t be there for appointments. I feel sad when she is uncomfortable from lying in bed for days on end. I feel shame when I get frustrated with her requests.

This pregnancy has taken over my wife more than I knew was possible before we embarked on this journey together. I am looking forward to when we can be a true team again. I am looking forward to Annie, Anika and I being a family.

I am invested in this pregnancy. It has to be successful. We’ve made it to twenty weeks, but there are so many more days before Anika is safe.

We can do this…

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