You Should Draw Project – One Week In

So after launching, I tried to promote the site a little on DeviantArt and Reddit as well as finding other places where random inspiration tools are listed and I was able to get nearly 300 unique visitors from around the world to the site in the first seven days.


I am pretty happy with how well the site did for a two-day project, and while it didn’t make me any money, or bring me any fame, I still consider it a success because I learned something new and some people found it funny, if not useful.

One source of promotion I was hoping for was a major bust though. The idea came from watching Josiah Brooks, aka Draw with Jazza on YouTube, and I was hopeful that he might post about YouShouldDraw on Twitter or even use it in his videos, but the same day I launched my site, he launched his Arty Games app which includes a random character generator. With his huge audience, he has made many $3 sales of his application on iOS, Android and PC environments, likely due to the fact that it has more than just a random character idea generator.

C’est la vie.

I am still glad I created the site and hope to see the result of an artist or two using one of the ideas generated from someday.

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