Family Tree – It’s Over 3000!


As some of you know, I’ve been working on building out a family tree on My Heritage for a while now, and I’m happy to say that today it has tipped over the 3,000 people mark.

Here are some facts for those that are interested. Out of 3002 people:

  • 54% are male, and 46% are female
  • Only 14% are marked as living and 86% marked as deceased
  • Common last names include Adams, Bell, Bernath, Bigger, Brouwer, Cloutier, Gilmore, Hussey, Knowles, McCausland, Molyneux, Perry, Pettit, Robins and Wood.
  • Common first names for men include Charles, Edward, Francois, George, Henry, Hugh, James, John, Joseph, Peter, Pierre, Richard, Robert, Thomas, and William.
  • Common first names for women include Alice, Ann, Anne, Catherine, Elizabeth, Isabella, Jane, Jeanne, Joan, Margaret, Marguerite, Marie, Martha, Mary, and Sarah
  • So far, 44% of the people added were born in Great Britain, with 23% from Canada, 14% from the USA, 8% from France and 5% from Ireland, with Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine and Other filling out the list
  • The most popular birth month is May at 10%, but the results are fairly balanced
  • 58% of the people added were born before 1800, and another 23% we born in the 1800’s

I hope you enjoyed those facts, and I hope to increase the size of the family tree another 3,000 names over the rest of 2016. My thanks goes out to everyone that has provided help and support!

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